Abel assessment of sexual interest

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Sex Offenders and Sexual Predator Laws

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Protecting Children & Communities with Science-based Evaluations and Screens for over 20 years

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A Comparison of the Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest and Penile Plethysmography in an Outpatient Sample of Sexual Offenders. The ABEL Assessment for Sexual interest Interest AASI an assessment that uses both objective beyond awareness and self-report data to measure an individual's sexual interest to various stimuli.

Search The Atlantic. The Sex-Offender Test.

Assessing the Abel Assessment Test

But he is best known for the Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest, a test he has refined over the last two decades. When people are accused of. The Abel Assessment for sexual interest-3™ (AASI-3) is an empirically-validated, comprehensive evaluation and treatment system that clinicians can add to their existing psychological assessments.

The AASI-3 can be used with adult men and women with sexual behavior problems. The Abel Assessment for sexual interest is supposedly the newest state-of-the-art objective measure of a possible offender’s sexual interest in children.

Gene G. Abel, M.D., who formed the company inhad spent the previous eight years developing a new technology to measure a person’s sexual interests in 22 categories with emphasis on.

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Abel assessment of sexual interest
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