African art is not bound by

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African art

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Tribe: The Mangbetu – the head elongation fashionistas of Central Africa

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African-American art is the ever-growing body of creative work generated by America’s black community. Originating in slave communities and predating the Civil War, African-American art depicts the struggles, the victories and the emotions of a group of people bound by common experiences and traditions.

A hard-hitting that addresses the tension between Africans and African Americans. Opening with personal testimonials, BOUND looks at the effects of colonialism and enslavement and how these have divided and bound Africans and African Americans.

May 20,  · African art accounts for a very tiny portion of the international art market, and African artists have long been seen as outsiders. But the demand for their work has greatly increased over the. Bound, the movie promises to be a riveting look into this world against the lush backdrop of Lofa County, Liberia.

| See more ideas about Africa art, African art and African artwork. BOUND TO SECRECY is a film about duality. Because many African artworks served a specific function, Westerners have sometimes not regarded these as art.

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It is worth remembering, however, that the concept of “art” divorced from ritual and political function, is a relatively recent development in the West. The practice of "voodoo" in the Caribbean and the United States is, of course, an African import, brought across the Atlantic by would-be slaves.

Vodun is a uniquely African path: to peace with the unknown, with nature, and with other people.".End date: Nov 03,

African art is not bound by
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