Arches watercolor paper

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watercolor paper

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Creating Oil Paintings on Paper: Peter Fiore Tests Arches Oil Paper

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Recommended Drawing Papers for Realistic Drawings

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Arches Natural White Watercolor Paper

Arches Bright White Watercolor Paper Sheets. lbs. Cold Press Ordering 1 sheet = 4 quartered sheets. For shipping, the full sheet (22×30) is torn into quarters creating FOUR 11×15 sheets of watercolor paper.

ASW - Huge selection of discount fine art supplies. Brand names and hard to find imported items. Paints, pencils, pastels, canvas, woodworking and sculpting tools, easels, and more. Choose from a great selection of high quality artists watercolor paper.

Although Arches is our most popular seller, Winsor and Newton paper is making a strong showing among artists who need a very white paper. Watercolor paper, however that has a bumpy feel to the touch – is known as Cold Press Watercolor Paper.

To keep this one straight, I like to think of the paper have “GOOSEBUMPS” due to the COLD. Heavyweight, acid-free paper with a professional grade, cold press surface ideal for mastering watercolor techniques. 25 sheets of 5x7 % cotton paper. lb weight. Unlike works on watercolor paper, works done on Arches oil paper can be framed without glass, as the surface can be varnished (which may increase the perceived value of the work).

And lastly, Arches oil paper does not cockle when you flood on the solvent; instead it remains perfectly flat.

Arches watercolor paper
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