Cartels violence in mexico

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Mexico Drug War Fast Facts

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Aug 04,  · Tecomán is a coastal town in Colima, where Mexicans once went to escape drug violence. Now it’s an emblem of the country’s soaring murder rate.

Mexico's murder rate is rising at an unprecedented level, calling into question Mexico’s military-led drug war, as well as the United States’ prominent role in that fight. *Mexico was named an Outstanding Academic Title of by Choice Magazine. Bloodshed connected with Mexican drug cartels, how they emerged, and their impact on the United States is.

REYNOSA, Mexico (Reuters) - The oil and gas fracking boom has lured scores of drillers to the Eagle Ford region of South Texas, the second largest U.S. oil patch, as new production technology. Sep 02,  · Read CNN's Fast Facts to learn more about how the Mexican government has been fighting against drug traffickers since December Mar 09,  · Since JuneTimes reporters and photographers have chronicled, from both sides of the border, the savage struggle among Mexican drug cartels for .

Cartels violence in mexico
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