Choicepoint attack

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Grand Theft Identity

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ChoicePoint Inc.

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Choicepoint Attack Case Study

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Ironically, ChoicePoint exposed itself to a poorly relations nightmare, considerable expense, a lasting-action lawsuit, a Senate investigation, and a 20 word drop in its share price because it had the police and cooperated in the sentence to apprehend the criminals. Itemize the nature of the information security breach at ChoicePoint and how this adversely affected the organization.

Be sure to include and indicate both tangible and intangible losses in preparing your response. Fraudsters pose as legitimate customers, with the required documents, gathering personal information of other customers. Employment credit reports do not include credit scores. Reports about the practice vary.

By Greg Fisher April 24, Updated January, When it comes to the rules for credit score use in pre-employment screening, it is hard to know what to believe. Introduction. This paper serves as an attempt to broadly but briefly catalogue the list of serious issues that are unresolved with the concept of Public Key Infrastructure [] [].The catalogue was started inand has grown as new issues and new references to those issues have come to light. News analysis, commentary, and research for business technology professionals.

ID Hackers Target Californians

• ChoicePoint established a hotline for customers whose data were compromised to call for assistance • By providing a channel for customer’s individual concerns.

or 43 cents a ChoicePoint Attack • Loss in profit/stock price o Financial quarter after the security breach was made public.

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(ChoicePoint), and directly accesses ChoicePoint's data warehouse containing over 17 billion current and historical records.

Choicepoint Attack Case Study Choicepoint attack
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