Following chain of command

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Chain of Command in Police Departments

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Links in the Chain of Command

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The Importance of Following the Chain of Command in Business

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How to Handle an Employee Who Ignores the Chain of Command

With unprecedented access to the U.S. Armed Forces, Chain of Command inhabits the rarely-glimpsed innermost sanctums of the Pentagon, the front lines of battlefields across the world, and even the cockpit of a fighter jet on a mission.

Naturally, the chain of command structure is dependent on the size of the department or agency. It’s also influenced by the number of indivudals making up the agency. And it’s certainly dependent on the services that the agency provides. The chain of command it as follows: Workers report to their team leader, the next rung of leadership, Team leaders report to their managers, managers report to the COO.

And finally, if the owner is involved in on-site operation, then the COO is to report to the owner. The only time it is ok to break the chain of command is when to report your immediate superior. So if your superior gave you an order which was unusual, unethical, or against the law, you would go to the next person in the chain of command and report what your superior advised you to do.

Although the definition of chain of command may vary slightly, generally speaking it is “the order in which authority and power in an organization is wielded and delegated from top management to every employee at every level of the organization.

Before you need to access the chain-of-command, think through situations which might arise on your unit. Determine who you would contact, what you would say, what you would do if the immediate next contact could not resolve the issue, or if all except you are in agreement with a particular course of action.

Following chain of command
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