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Apollo Global Management

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Global Management

Apollo Global Management is one of the largest alternative asset managers serving many of the world’s most prominent investors. We have a value-oriented approach across. Global Management Solutions, Inc.

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believes our company culture, personal commitment, and proven solutions will deliver consistent results. By listening to our clients and their unique challenges, Global Management Solutions, Inc. strives to be a valuable partner in assisting each client and facility to meet their operating goals and objectives.

Global Management Enterprise is a company committed to diversity. Maintaining a diverse workforce is a top priority of Global and is key to how we operate. We also possess a profound knowledge in human resource issues.

In our cross-disciplinary global management program, you’ll gain proficiency in a foreign language while you examine how businesses are connected in global supply chains.

Master of Global Management. This renowned Master's degree delivers an in-depth education in global management, specialized training in every business discipline from an international perspective, and hands-on, real-world experiences that prepare you to lead worldwide.

In our global management program, you will learn the business strategy and cultural awareness you'll need to flourish in our interconnected world. See the big picture of the global flow of goods and currency, focus on a particular region or country by learning a language, and explore your role as a global actor.

Global mgt
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