High school engineering projects

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Hands-On Engineering Activities for Your Classroom

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Engineering Science Fair Projects

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High School Science Fair Projects

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Simple Engineering Projects for High School

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Science Projects for High School Level Science Fairs; High School Science Engineering Home School Curriculum; Choosing a Science Homeschool Curriculum; slide 5 of 5.

Science as a Career. Student interest in a career in the sciences may be sparked in middle school and high school.

Engaging, challenging science instruction.

How to Do Engineering Projects

We offer free high school science experiments on every science fair topic, including physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and even psychology.

Check the boxes in the sidebar to filter your results, or use the search bar to find a winning idea for your upcoming science fair. HTH Student ProjectsThese projects are examples of the work that is done at all of the High Tech High Schools. It is our record of what we have done and how to get there.

HTH Student Projects. Engineering ~Pop-Up Book! Go Fly A Kite! Seedfolks. Pompeii: Scenes of Destruction. Slinkies are fun toys that also make great physics and engineering projects. In this science project you will investigate how changing the angle of an inclined plane affects how the Slinky walks down it.

Physics & Engineering Projects With these Physical Science & Engineering Projects, you’ll be able to discover laws of force and motion, build and construct models and machines, and more! Experience the force of magnetism, the thrust of pressurized gas, or the power of the sun in hands-on activities like building a balloon rocket car.

High school students jump into biomedical engineering in this hands-on stimulating lab activity by simulating a real-world diagnostic screening test that’s used around the world daily to identify diseases present in people.

High School Engineering/The Design Process High school engineering projects
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High School Engineering Science Fair Projects