Patterns of knowing

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Explore Chinn and Kramer’s assertion that nursing has fundamental patterns of knowing: emancipatory, ethical, personal, aesthetic and empiric, as well as the other patterns identified in the assigned readings.

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Pollock's Fractals

In fact, the tug of war between bulls and bears make up candlesticks patterns. Define the 4 patterns of knowing (empirics, ethics, personal knowledge, and esthetics) described by Barbara Carper.

There are several purposes for this assignment: 1. To provide you with an exploration of the concepts of nurses ways of knowing.

2. To provide an opportunity to reflect about your own ways of knowing. 3. Nursing has long recognized the value of multiple perspectives in knowledge development.

Previous work involving patterns of knowing not only has advanced the disciplinary knowledge base but has also encouraged innovative applications of the patterns to philosophy, evidence-based practice, and research aimed at reducing. What is Math? What do Mathematicians do? I started teaching in when NSF funded reform curricula entered many schools around the nation.

My district started using IMP (someday I will write a blog post, “A love letter to IMP”) and for 13 years I taught math out of these texts.

Patterns of knowing
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