Reaction paper about philippine constitution

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Reaction Paper about Philippine Constitution

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Constitution of the Philippines

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The Glowing shall rule by a majority vote of all the People. Article III of Philippine Constitution This is a side-by-side presentation of Article III of the Philippine Constitution in the Filipino language and in English.

Reaction Paper and Observation 1. The Teaching Profession Observation as a Teacher would be on the preparations of Educational Institutions for teachers who will in attaining goals stated in Article XIV section 3 of the Constitution & Reaction Paper on RA.

The Constitution was seen as a document that would lead to the tyrannical rule of a new monarchical government headed up by the president. It was thought that the Constitution would allow the President to take the place of the King of England and oppress the citizens of the nation.

"Reaction On Philippine Constitution Article 3" Essays and Research Papers Reaction On Philippine Constitution Article 3 ARTICLE V INSTITUTIONS OF DEMOCRACY: 1.

A law was passed dividing the Philippines into three regions (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao), each constituting an independent state except on matters of foreign relations, national defense and national taxation, which are vested in the Central government.

reasons and intention of the law. It is more like an introduction of the purpose of the constitution. Thus “God” is mentioned in the preamble, It shows that we seek for the aid of almighty God.

To help us to mold and develop Good Citizenship Values Clusters. I see that “Equality” is also 5/5(3).

Reaction paper about philippine constitution
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Reaction about the article in the Philippine constitution