Role of pos in a cashless

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In a cashless economy most of the transaction will be done by digital means like e banking, debit and credit cards, PoS (point of sales) machines, digital wallets etc. In simpler words no liquid money or paper currency will be used by the people in a given country.

My neighborhood abounds with “Cash Only” signs, so when I read that a cashless society is imminent; I find it difficult to believe. But perhaps my neighborhood is a lone holdout.

Perhaps it is the Alamo for the cash-toting few. Perhaps I am an unwitting member of some last stand, and we are all. In a cashless economy most of the transaction will be done by digital means like e banking, debit and credit cards, PoS (point of sales) machines, digital wallets etc.

The ARBA POS system provides extensive reporting with the Cashless Payment module, including detailed records of each purchase and each transaction down to the item level.

Also included are accounts receivable transaction reports, accounts receivable analysis reports, accounts receivable aging reports, a transaction log, an employee or student list, and past due reports.5/5(3).

Pros and Cons of Cashless Economy in India

Limited availability of point of sale terminals. (pos “Faceless, Paperless, Cashless” is one of professed role of Digital India. As part of promoting cashless transactions and converting India into less-cash society, various modes of digital payments are available.

“THE ROLE OF SOFTWARE IN A CASHLESS ECONOMY (CASE STUDY A point-of-sale (POS) terminal is a computerized replacement for a cash register. Much more complex than the cash registers of even just a few years ago, the POS system can include the.

Role of pos in a cashless
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