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Pulau Kapas Tour (Snorkelling)

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Kapas Island Pulau Kapas Kapas Island is a laid back tropical hideaway just a few miles from the mainland of Terengganu. The speedboat ferry service from the fishing village of Marang takes about 15 minutes to cover the 6km distance to the island.

I finally made the trip to Kapas and Gemia last year. I did so for two reasons. First, I had never been there, and as someone who has dived virtually every dive location in Malaysia worthy of the name, I wanted to tick these two off my list.

Flying to Pulau Kapas. There is no airport on Kapas island, but you can always book a flight on one of the many budget airlines in Malaysia to Kuala Terrenganu Airport. Ideal for those looking for a weekend trip from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, or Singapore.

Mar 04,  · This time, i've decided to go through a long round trip, covering almost kilometres. Here's the breakdown on the major city i've stopped.

Pulau Kapas

Penang - Kuala Lumpur - Kuantan - Kuala Terengganu - Pulau Kapas - Kuala Terengganu - Jerteh - Machang - Gerik - Kulim - Butterworth. Pulau Kapas is located at Terengganu.

Snorkelling and Diving around Pulau Kapas

The closest city to Pulau Kapas is Kuala Terengganu if you are planning to take a flight or a bus. From Kuala Terengganu to the pier will take around 20 minutes from the bus station and 35 minutes from the airport. Perhentians Beach and Islands tour packages in Kapas Island Day Trip Kapas Island Snorkelling, Makcik Gemuk Chalet Holiday.

Perhentians Beach and Island - Pulau Kapas Booking Formats.

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